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Letting your home or your investment property is a serious business. You want your interests professional taken care of. Choosing Expat & Real Estate is choosing a reliable partner. Expat & Real Estate guides expats by international organisations for short or long time to Netherlands. For these international clients we are always looking for new rental homes or apartments.

We screen potential tenants of your property carefully and conduct a thorough background check. We ask candidates to submit to us contracts and salary slips and for the final check we always check with the human resources Department of the company. So know you are assured of a reliable tenant.

What can you expect from Expat & Real Estate?


  • Intake meeting. We estimate the degree of rental of your property and we will give you advice on a good and fair rent.
  • Presentation. An attractive text, professional photos and a floorplan form the basis. We pay a lot of attention to your home as attractive as possible.
  • The home logging on in all systems. We make sure that everyone who is looking for
    such a property will always find it.
    • Placement on Funda (
    • Placement on Pararius (
    • Sending the property to our own network
    • Sending the property to all embassies
    • Sending the property to international companies
  • Viewings. We accompany the viewings with potential candidates.
  • Negotiations. In consultation with you, we conduct negotiations with the tenant in order to get the best rental price and conditions.
  • Thorough background checks. We ask relevant information from the tenant and do a final check with the employer.
  • Drafting of the lease. This shall be drawn up in Dutch and English according with ROZ General provisions.
  • The in-check. We take care of the delivery of the key and make a comprehensive (photo) reporting of the state of the property. So we can avoid any misunderstandings at the check- out.
  • Financial handling. We act the first financial transaction for you. This consists of the collection of the first month's rent and security deposit. Then we'll sent you a credit invoice where the brokerage fee of Expat & Real Estate is withheld. The rest amount we transfer directly on your account.
  • Connection utilities. If desired, we exclude gas, water, electricity and internet access in and out, so you have nothing to worry about.
  • Legally. Answer to all your legal questions.

In short, we take care of everything. And – very important – we do this always on the basis of NO CURE, NO PAY.

The following costs are to be borne by lessee:

It is always unclear what exactly the maintenance costs are for landlord and which for tenant. Below a clear overview which parts the expenses and maintenance are of tenant.

(Guidelines on Minor Repairs In accordance with the listed items in article
7.4:203 / 210 (incl.) BW and article 7.4:217 BW)

  1. mounting and fastening loose parts in the living accommodation, including in all instances loose: - banisters, doorknobs and thresholds; - electrical switches, power points and door bells;
  2. replacement and restoration of parts and fixtures of the living accommodation which can be easily replaced, among which in all instances: - door and window knobs, hinges and locks; - keys for indoor and outdoor locks;
  3. maintaining operability and regular checking, oiling and lubricating or decalcifying movable parts, among which in all instances: - door, shutter and window locks and hinges; - taking measures to prevent (repair of) frozen taps;
  4. replacement of light bulbs inside and outside the premises;
  5. replacement of damaged windows and mirrors irrespective of the cause;
  6. maintenance and replacement of parts of technical installations in the premises insofar as this maintenance is technically simple and does not require any specialized knowledge, among which in all instances: - bleeding radiators and filling the central heating system with water; - re-starting of the central heating system after failure; - replacing (mechanical) ventilation filters and cleaning grates;
  7. installation and maintenance of necessary anti-draught measures provided there are no appreciable costs involved;
  8. maintenance of the gardens, yards, driveways and fences such that these appear well cared for, among which in all instances: - regular lawn mowing; - regular weeding of the lawn and between tiles on driveways, paths and terraces; - regular pruning of hedges and saplings; - replanting dead shrubbery and plants;
  9. cleaning and, if necessary, removing obstructions in the sewerage pipes in the premises up to the connection point from the living accommodation to the municipal sewer or the main sewer;
  10. inside and outside cleaning of windows, window frames / sills, door frames, painted woodwork and other painted surfaces to the extent they can be reached by lessee;
  11. pest-control, unless the presence of vermin is the result of the structural state of the premises;
  12. regular cleaning of gutters and drainpipes to the extent they can be reached by lessee;
  13. regular removal of dirt and rubbish.

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