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Expat & Real Estate is specialized in working with expats to find accommodation in the Netherlands. Our qualified agents speak a number of languages fluently and can provide guidance, amongst others, as to which neighbourhoods are most suitable to live for expats. We provide full service housing solutions, so it will be totally hassle free for expats. We offer a one-stop service that handles all the practical aspects of renting homes for short or longer periods.

Our portfolio contains a wide range of houses, villas and (luxury) apartments in the category designations good, very good and excellent. Furnished or semi- furnished, they are available within a broad price range. Mostly they are located in and around The Hague, Wassenaar, Voorschoten, Voorburg, Leidschendam and nearby towns.

Central to our success is an enthusiastic and friendly team of dedicated, highly qualified agents. They are very aware of what moving and living abroad really means. And they also know all about living in the Netherlands. That means they're fully equipped to give relocating families all the support they need to adjust quickly to their new homes and surroundings.

Our services include:

  • No registration fee
  • Enormous choice of houses and apartments
  • Highly qualified agents
  • We plan a fixed day to do a housing tour with you
  • Success achievable in just 1 day!
  • We conduct all the negotiations with landlords
  • We check the contract to ensure your rights are protected
  • Apply electricity, gas and water subscriptions in your name
  • Make an inspection report with you when you check in
  • Assist you during the entire rental period
  • Inform you about Public Transportation, Parking, International schools, Doctors, Hospitals and other facilities
  • Assist you with the check-out inspection

Costs if we find the perfect home for you and your family: 1 month rent excluding VAT. 

But important: the employer often covers the cost of our services. Please check this!

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What is the best way to start

Firstly you need to decide for yourself what you are looking for. What we like to see is your list of basic requirements. Should we be looking for a house, a villa or an apartment? Must it be furnished, semi-furnished or carpeted? In which neighbourhood should we be looking and within what kind of budget? Is off- street parking essential and how far may the property be located from (international) schools, shops and public transportation? How many bedrooms should the property require? Do you come alone, maybe with your spouse and kids, or do you even bring pets along? For how long will the lease last and when must it start?

Our approach

The search begins as soon as you have contacted us about your preferences. Our extensive network of private and professional property owners is entirely at your disposal. And not only do we provide an appropriate shortlist, we also assist you and your family while they're viewing the selected homes. We offer advice to help you to reach the right decisions.

At Expat & Real Estate we know that every client, company and assignment is different. We are also aware that a successful stay in the Netherlands greatly depends on our ability to provide the best possible housing conditions within the agreed budget.

We believe firmly in highly personalized service, tailored to specific family needs. Our long experience and knowledge of local conditions enables us to offer relocating families the patient, positive support required to help them get used to their new situation and surroundings.

Below here some information that is good to know.

Furnished or semi-furnished 
So, you want to get into a rental apartment.
After looking around you may feel overwhelmed, do you go for semi-furnished or furnished apartments? With so many available options out there, it is hard to know what suits your needs. The best thing to do is understand the differences and pros and cons between semi-furnished and furnished apartments.

Furnished (gemeubileerd)

Furnished apartments come in a variety of choices. It has everything you require from a bed, sofa, appliances and even plates and cutlery.

Semi-furnished (gestoffeerd)

Apartments that are classified as semi-furnished do not include furniture such as beds, couches or anything else. They may come ready with a fridge, stove, dishwasher, curtains, lamps and perhaps a washer and dryer combination.

You have succeeded and found a great place to live.

How about the maintenance? What is your responsibility? And what maintenance is on account of the Landlord?

Below the Guidelines on Minor Repairs In accordance with the listed items in article 7.4:203 / 210 (incl.) BW and article 7.4:217 BW

The following costs are to be borne by lessee:

  1. mounting and fastening loose parts in the living accommodation, including in all instances loose: - banisters, doorknobs and thresholds; - electrical switches, power points and door bells;
  2. replacement and restoration of parts and fixtures of the living accommodation which can be easily replaced, among which in all instances: - door and window knobs, hinges and locks; - keys for indoor and outdoor locks;
  3. maintaining operability and regular checking, oiling and lubricating or decalcifying movable parts, among which in all instances: - door, shutter and window locks and hinges; - taking measures to prevent (repair of) frozen taps;
  4. replacement of light bulbs inside and outside the premises;
  5. replacement of damaged windows and mirrors irrespective of the cause;
  6. maintenance and replacement of parts of technical installations in the premises insofar as this maintenance is technically simple and does not require any specialized knowledge, among which in all instances: - bleeding radiators and filling the central heating system with water; - re-starting of the central heating system after failure; - replacing (mechanical) ventilation filters and cleaning grates;
  7. installation and maintenance of necessary anti-draught measures provided there are no appreciable costs involved;
  8. maintenance of the gardens, yards, driveways and fences such that these appear well cared for, among which in all instances: - regular lawn mowing; - regular weeding of the lawn and between tiles on driveways, paths and terraces; - regular pruning of hedges and saplings; - replanting dead shrubbery and plants;
  9. cleaning and, if necessary, removing obstructions in the sewerage pipes in the premises up to the connection point from the living accommodation to the municipal sewer or the main sewer;
  10. inside and outside cleaning of windows, window frames / sills, door frames, painted woodwork and other painted surfaces to the extent they can be reached by lessee;
  11. pest-control, unless the presence of vermin is the result of the structural state of the premises;
  12. regular cleaning of gutters and drainpipes to the extent they can be reached by lessee;
  13. regular removal of dirt and rubbish.

Find here below all the International Schools in The Hague and surrounding

American School of The Hague (Wassenaar)

The British School in the Netherlands (Den Haag, Voorschoten)

European School The Hague

The International School of The Hague

Deutsche Internationale Schule Den Haag

Lycée Français Vincent van Gogh, La Haye