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Services in five steps

You have a great choice of financial solutions. Each solution has certain advantages and disadvantages. For you it is important that you choose the shape that suits your specific situation, now and in the future. It is important to understand that a large part of your disposable income will be paid to this solution (s).

Our job is to help you to choose which solution (s), which fits well with your situation. To be able to advise you, we follow a standard procedure. This consists of the following five steps:

Step 1: shop around

The first step is a short orientation in which you make your wishes known. We discuss your requirements and show you how our service connects. Then we inform you about the rates that we charge for our services. This step is concluded with an agreement for the further process.

Step 2: identifying

We start the inventory with the extensive mapping of your personal situation. In doing so, we not only discuss your current financial situation, but we are also talking about your needs and how you look against financial setbacks. For example, what are the (financial) consequences if your income changes by unemployment, disability, retirement or death?

Step 3: Analyze

We analyzed the data supplied by you. Depending on your particular question or questions, we make a first selection of possible solutions that meets your personal situation and needs. In doing so, we show you different possibilities with the advantages and disadvantages.

Step 4: advice

With the results of the analysis we will give you advice. In this advice we give exactly to which solution is best for you.

  • Which product
  • Which provider
  • What conditions
  • How it fits your needs and your situation

You will receive an advisory report. It states clearly what impact have the discussed risks on your net disposable income. This we will show you by using tables and graphs.

Step 5: mediation

In this step, if you have chosen, we provide on behalf of you all contacts with the financial institution.


We receive from the financial institution no reward on completed products. This enables us to ensure an independent advice. For giving an opinion we request a reward. One of the below remuneration schemes can be applied:

  • On the basis of an hourly rate;
  • A fixed remuneration for the entire process;
  • Another reward appointment that we agree together

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